All houses include both single and shared bedrooms as well as full kitchens, washer and dryers and two full bathrooms. All homes are located in residential neighborhoods not far from employment opportunities,community resources, grocery and other stores & pharmacies, gas stations and public and/or private transportation. Basic cable, internet, and home phone are provided. 


Hale House (Men)                        WASHINGTON COUNTY

Jean’s Place (Women)                   WASHINGTON COUNTY

6th Ave (Men)                                 DAKOTA COUNTY

5th Ave   (Men)                               DAKOTA COUNTY

Hope House (Women)                   DAKOTA COUNTY

Pine Place (Men)                            DAKOTA COUNTY

Kendall Drive (Men)                      DAKOTA COUNTY

Stacie's Place (Women)                   STEELE COUNTY

Bill’s Place (Men)                            STEELE COUNTY

Dave's Place (Men)                         RICE COUNTY

Bank's House (Men)                        DAKOTA COUNTY