Franki is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC).  She received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of St. Thomas/St. Catherine University School of Social Work.

Franki has extensive experience working with the homeless population and those struggling with mental health, substance use disorders, and criminal justice involvement. Franki is a certified Motivational Enhancement Therapist and trained in several Cognitive Behavioral Treatment modalities. She is passionate about using evidence based practices and treatment modalities to assist individuals in achieving their goals and dreams.    

Franki offers a person-centered approach to treatment planning and believes that “each and every one of us wakes up each day recovering from something—offering hope is the greatest gift of all.”



Leah is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas where she studied criminal justice and psychology. Leah is passionate about restorative justice and the use of alternative sanctions in sentencing. She is the program manager here at Frazier Recovery homes. Her role is to provide support and oversight to our case managers, maintain accurate and up to date billing and budget information, maintain and audit client records, assist in managing and prioritizing the client waitlist, and seek ways to improve our program and processes. Leah is also a member of the Minnesota Community Corrections Association and is first aid and CPR certified. Additionally, she has received training in risk-need assessments, motivational interviewing, restorative justice community circles, chemical dependency, and is always looking to further her knowledge. Leah believes that Frazier Recovery Homes can truly impact the lives of the individuals we serve and that the staff here make a difference in our communities. She believes that together as a team, with our various knowledge and experience bases, we can provide comprehensive care that can aid an individual in being successful in recovery as well as ending his or her struggle with homelessness.


Kenny is a person with a hands on life experience of 29 years of on and off chemical dependency and homelessness. Kenny has been 15 years chemical free and he still remains extremely passionate about the homeless. While using his life experience and the understanding of addiction and homelessness, Kenny strives to support each individual to achieve any goals they set for themselves. He believes that people who suffer from addiction and homelessness can enjoy life by making some positive changes. Kenny feels that his position at Frazier Recovery Homes is a safe environment that can help. He works with a team of passionate people and feels that together they will see the transition of people back to a good and happy life. 


Angie is a graduate of Metropolitan State University and with a bachelors of science degree in human services, alcohol and drug counseling. In addition, she has furthered her education in substance abuse prevention and crisis intervention. Angie has been employed with Frazier Recovery since 2012 as a Chemical Health Counselor/Program Coordinator. While using a person centered approach, she strives to support individuals achieve any goals they have set for themselves. Angie is effective in working with adults who suffer from addiction and enjoys engaging her clients in the process of positive change. She believes Frazier Recovery Homes can be a life changing experience and everyone deserves a safe, supportive living environment conducive to their recovery.


Keithia graduated from Metro State University with a Bachelors degree in Human Services with a concentration in family studies. She works as a case manager providing services to those experiencing homelessness, mental helth dignosis, abusive relationships, chemical dependency, and recovery.

Keithia's priorities are holding individuals accountable without diminishing integrity, understanding an individual's history and culture to understand their patterns and ways of thinking. She also prioritizes thinking outside the box, meeting the clients where they are, whole life collaboration (just one things isn't the issue and that you can't just fix one issue as they are all connected), individualizations (one thing doesn't work for all). Keithia focuses on strengths from accomplishments and reflection to find positives in every situation and learning from the past in order to teach idividuals to understand themselves.



I have worked with those in recovery for numerous years and am a graduate of Metropolitan State with a BA in Criminal Justice, hold a Paralegal Certification as well as a Rule 25 Assessing and Placing Client with Chemical Use Problems Certification. Through education and work experience, I witnessed the paradigm shift in the concept of recovery. As I work with this population, I see the need for advocacy, direction, guidance and simply hope for a better way of life. My passion is to help those live a life that is productive and meaningful with the understanding that this is not a one-size-fits-all model. My goal working for Frazier Recovery Homes is to give everyone an opportunity to have a respectful and peaceful environment to call home. Through the journey of this process; I can instill trust, the goodness of humanity and that recovery works. As these pieces work together, the true benefits of sobriety are unfolded, success and peace are achieved and stability of life is secured. This is what makes me proud of Frazier and passionate about tri-occurring disorders.




Kate is a woman who leads with her heart and soul. As a previous business owner for over 11 years, and founder of a non-profit, she continues to share her experience, gifts and talents with those living near and on the margins in Uganda, Africa through the Dennis Dease Foundation.  She is absolutely thrilled to join the team of Frazier Recovery Homes.  She will providing Program Management, overseeing Team Leadership Development, and offer ongoing support to the Frazier Team.   

As a recent graduate of the Executive Leadership for Social Entrepreneurs program at Stanford University, she makes learning a top priority and continues to study at The University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul. She’s been featured on TV interviews, in printed press, and as a TEDx Talk speaker.  Her latest appearance was speaking with Frazier's Founder, Franki, at an event in August 2017.  

She is honored to be a part of the great legacy "Where Hope Meets Recovery" within Frazier Recovery Homes.


Julie as been facilitating groups at Frazier Homes since September, 2016. She holds an Associate Degree in Human Services from Inver Hills Community College, a BA degree in Human Services / Corrections from Metro State University and is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor (LADC) in the State of MN via the Board of Behavioral Health.  She has worked in the addiction field since 1992 and believes that each person has special gifts and talents. “A client’s past behavior doesn’t have to define who s/he is or will become.” We, as staff, have an opportunity to help each person develop their goals and potential in recovery.  


2006-14 : Healheast Care system : internship , primary counselor and manager of all mental health and addiction programs through Healtheast .

2014-16: Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge: Counselor and Rule 25 assessor supervisor. Compliance and quality assurance for all MN Rule 31 sites. Outreach and mobile assessments at jails, detoxes, hospitals and treatment centers.

2016- current: Frazier Recovery Homes in house group facilitator. Travel to all sites to facilitate recovery based groups with clients.

2016- Current: Meridian Behavioral Health Clinical supervisor  and Treatment Director at Tapestry, 64 bed women’s co-occurring facility.

2007-current: Changing Gaits : Equine therapy

Passionate about walking alongside recovering addicts on their journey to a new life of sobriety



I am currently a student at Century College and in December I will receive an Associate’s in Education. After that, I will be pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Family Science at Concordia University. My long term goal is to be a Family Educator so I can help families create a healthy and happy life.

I have been working at Frazier since June 2017, and I enjoy every moment of it. Even though I only have small interactions with our clients, I love seeing their progress and success week over week. I enjoy being able to provide them with necessities to help their daily lives.



Dan is responsible for providing property maintenance and facilities management at all the Frazier locations.  He has 30+ years of experience working in construction and plumbing services.  

Dan is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in Addiction Studies and is looking forward to providing counseling and case management services to help clients at Frazier.