"There isn't many programs like Frazier. It has turned out to be a great place to become independent and learning to live in the world after being in and out of jail. On July 20th, 2015 I had a pair of pants and a t-shirt to my name, and being part of Frazier let me become more independent. I currently have a closet with more clothes than I thought possible and now have my own truck, in my own name under my own insurance which is a huge blessing after not having a vehicle for 6 years. Focus on recovery, independence, and family are my main goals at Frazier, and having been here has made that possible with how the funding and expectations are set up. If Frazier has a success story, anyone can be part of it, if I can after being a criminal and extreme addict for so long." -J.B.


"At Frazier Recovery Homes 'progress not perfection' is key to success. I've struggled in my recovery, but staff has been willing to help me through all my bumps in the road." -S.D.

"I am staying at the Frazier house and it is a great place. The girls that work here are great, very helpful. I think it is a life saver." -L.G. 

"Frazier has helped me overcome my fear of being me and allowed me to pursue a career while I'm here and sober. With great case managers come great responsibility." -T.A.

"Frazier Recovery Homes have changed my life. I was newly sober and homeless when someone referred me to Frazier. The counselors are wonderful and living with other women in recovery has been a healing and healthy experience." -K.D.

"Frazier is a fresh start and a stable environment to get back on your feet and remain sober. Angie is very supportive and helpful and very helpful in my sobriety." -S.R.